Housebreaking A Dog: Your Rescue Dog

There is no more rewarding an experience than adopting a dog from a local rescue. People queue up for puppies when they are ready to leave their mothers but fewer people rescue dogs, especially those that are above a couple of years of age. The idea that rescue dogs are problem dogs is completely unfounded, bearing in mind that the majority of rescue dogs will not need as much training as a puppy. Housebreaking a dog that as been rescued is usually much easier than housebreaking a puppy, but that is not to say that it should be neglected.

Housebreaking a dog that has been rescued should still be a process that you undertake. Although most rescue dogs will have been taught to go to the toilet outside, it is quite possible that they have forgotten those manners as a result of time spent in a kennels. As such, you should reintroduce the process to them gently.

If you take on a rescue dog that has perfect toilet habits then you are one of the lucky ones but should still follow through with housebreaking a dog to reinforce it and place yourself in the role of authority. This will demonstrate that you are starting as you mean to go on and enforce the rules. Housebreaking a dog is not just for puppies but for any new dog in your home so be sure to apply the principles to your rescue as well.

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