Feeding and Nutrition Needs by Dog Breed

Though you likely already know that every dog breed has its own appearance, temperament, and care needs, what many dog owners did not realize is that there are also different nutritional needs, as well. This is not necessarily because they are so entirely different from one another, but because they have different activity and exercise requirements, health risks, body strengths and weaknesses, and other issues. When you choose a dog breed, it is also wise to understand its nutritional requirements so that the right food can be provided to it.

Naturally, individual tastes also play an important role in what you should be feeding your dog, but you should also make certain that the flavors you choose will come from a formula that will provide your breed with the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that it requires.

A part of that is making sure that you follow the size chart on the package of the dry food so that you will be able to use the guidelines to decide how much of any given formula is appropriate for a dog the size and breed of your own pet.

You can also examine the breakdown of the nutritional elements of the food so that you can decide if it is right for your pooch. For example a Boxer would need a food that is higher in protein than a Greyhound, so if you have the latter of those breeds, you will want to find a lower protein food that will avoid potential digestive issues.

By doing your homework, you’ll make sure you’re giving your dog every advantage for being healthy and happy.

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