3 Great Basset Hound Training Tips

Basset hound training is not as difficult as you might think especially if you know the proper techniques to use.   A basset’s achievements will only be as good as his teacher.  Therefore, you need to make sure that you use sound techniques that will keep him focused, interested and eager to learn.

The following are a few tips for you to keep in mind when you are engaged in basset hound training so you know how to provide your dog with the best learning experience:

Tip 1 – Know your pet – Bassets rely on their smell more than any of their other senses.  Since this is the case, they would far rather chase the scent of something than listen to noise.  Therefore, since you want your dog’s attention focused on you, don’t train him outside where there are many smells to distract him.  Make sure you conduct lessons in a quiet space indoors with limited distractions and try to incorporate scent into your lessons by using food/treats to obtain his attention.

Tip 2 – Be Patient – You need to have exceptional patience for basset hound training.  You need to be prepared for the fact that your pooch will probably not learn as quickly or as easily as you want.  However, this doesn’t mean they are impossible to train.  You can teach them, but you need to be consistent and work at a pace that fits their needs.  Don’t rush him and wait for him to understand one command before moving on to the next.

Tip 3 – Make training fun – Learning shouldn’t be boring!  Like humans, dogs are far more likely to pay attention and achieve a skill when they are interested in what is being taught.  Make sessions fun for you dog.  This means keeping teaching times short (no longer than 10 minutes), using treats for rewards, keeping things fresh (i.e. changing the atmosphere) and engaging in play during breaks.

Finally, you always want to ensure that your dog thinks positively of basset hound training.  You will never want him to think of it as a chore or a punishment.  The more open and happy he is to spend this time with you, the more he will get out of it and the more successful you will be!

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