Yorkshire Terrier Training – Where Should You Conduct Your Training Lessons?

If this is your first time taking part in yorkshire terrier training you may be wondering where would be the best place to train your pet? What you will discover is that there are different environments where you can provide your yorkie with lessons and the place you choose will depend on different factors.

These yorkshire terrier training factors typically include:

  • Your confidence as a trainer
  • The amount of comprehension your dog possesses
  • How much control your have over your pooch
  • What you are teaching

The first aspect you should take into serious consideration is if you are a newbie dog owner it is in your best interest to enroll your canine in puppy obedience school where you can learn from an experienced trainer. This is a fabulous learning environment for both you and your pal. The reason is you will gain hand on experience and help from a professional. Your little buddy, on the other hand, will be provided with the opportunity to socialize with other humans and dogs, as well as be taught basic obedience in a controlled setting with distractions.

That said, regardless if you take him to puppy classes or not you will still need to engage in yorkshire terrier training at home because you will need to practice. Since this is the case here’s what you should keep in mind when you home-school your four-legged wonder:

  • When he is in the beginning stages of learning a command he should be taught it in an area where there are no or very few distractions. Therefore, he should be taken to a quiet room in the home where the most interesting thing in the atmosphere is you. It is very important that you have his attention.
  • As he becomes more knowledgeable and you are confident with his comprehension and obedience, you can then begin to try training in places where there are more things to distract him, such as in a room where the TV is on and other family members are present; when guests are over; out in the backyard; on walks; in a public park and so on.
  • Train in an area that makes sense. If you are teaching him something that requires significant space, such as advanced lessons of Stay, Come, Fetch, etc., make sure you conduct the yorkshire terrier training in an adequate area for best results.

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