Yorkie Training – Importance of Picking The Right Name

Although it doesn’t occur to most owners, yorkie training is more successful when you have named your dog. One of the main reasons is when your yorkshire terrier recognizes his name it is much easier to get his attention and having his attention is vital when you are trying to motivate him to learn and understand instructions.

Since naming your pooch does provide you with more control when yorkie training, it is in your best interest to choose a good name for him before your bring him home, or shortly after. You will find familiarizing him with his title is one of the easiest things you can teach him.

That being said, you need to make sure you put some careful thought into the name you select. He will have it for his entire lifetime and you will be using it in public. Therefore, make sure it is something you like and isn’t silly. Here are some tips when you are contemplating your selections:

  • Keep it simple – Don’t give him a long and complicated name that is difficult to say or that you will automatically be inclined to shorten. Stick with one word and don’t pick anything that has more than three syllables. The easier it is to say and faster your dog will pick it up.
  • Give your yorkie a name that suits his look and personality – This will not only be more fun but will be more true to him. Be creative and make it unique!
  • Refrain from picking a name that sounds like a command you would use in yorkie training. For instance, Kit, Mit, Fitz (Sit); Jo, Moe, Glow (No), etc.
  • If you wish to name your pet after someone in the family, make sure you ask this person first. It is the respectable thing to do and you may just find they are not happy with the idea.

When you have selected a name for your small companion, make sure you always use it in a positive manner. Do not yell or use his name in a scolding tone or use it to have him come to you so you can reprimand him or do something he doesn’t like (i.e. give him a bath). You don’t want to make the mistake of creating a negative association with his name as this will make yorkie training all the more difficult.

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