Westie Training – Dealing With Disobedience

When Westie training and your dog doesn’t respond to a command it is either because he doesn’t understand or he is being disobedient. If the result is disobedience your dog is purposely choosing to ignore your instruction. This could be because he finds it amusing to do so, he is making a point of being defiant to test you or it is the easier path because he would much rather continue enjoying what he’s doing than listen to you.

Nevertheless, despite why a westie may decide to be disobedient, the bottom line is when he disobeys you he is essentially telling you he does not respect your authority enough to obey your command. You cannot allow him to get away with this at any time because if you do you are sending your small canine the message that he is right and this will be incredibly counterproductive if you were hoping for successful westie training.

If your pet is disobeying you, the first step you need to take is to re-establish your dominance. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Leave and enter your home and rooms before your dog.
  • Leave your car before he is allowed out and do not let him follow you until you provide him with a release command, such as “OK” or “Go”.
  • Feed him after you eat and make him sit and wait several seconds before he is allowed to eat his meal.
  • Never feed him from the table.
  • Do not let him sleep with you or on your bed.

A large part of westie training is making sure his is made to see that your desires come before his always.

Restrict his access in your home.  Your home is your den – not his.  He is allowed to be inside and this is a privilege not a right.  He is not allowed to come and go as he pleases. He is permitted certain freedoms and enjoyments at your choosing not his.  Keep specific areas of your home off limits, such as bedrooms, dining/living rooms, etc.  He really only requires access to his bed/crate and the more commonly shared areas.

Never do what he wants without making him do what you want first.  In other words, if your westie bumps your arm or jumps in your lap because he wants you to pet him, do not give into his demands.  Make him do something for you first (i.e give him a command, such as sit, down, etc.) and only after he obeys should you pet him.

Train with him a little bit everyday.  Even if you only work with him for ten minutes, it is important that you provide him with obedience lessons to give him both guidance and control.

Westie training must be consistent if you want it to be effective.  If you let your pet get away with disobedience he won’t respect you.  Be firm and in control and you’ll have a fabulous companion you can trust, behaves and is a joy to have around.

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