West Highland White Terrier Training – Importance of Toys

When West highland White Terrier training there are many items you can use however, many owners underestimate the usefulness of dog toys, which can be used in a variety of ways to teach many lessons. Contrary to popular belief, these items are not for amusement purposes only.

The following are the different ways that toys can be utilized to help aid you when West highland White Terrier training:

  • Encourage acceptable chewing behaviors – If you don’t want your pup to gnaw on your furniture or other belongings, you need to provide him with many different types of safe chew toys, such as stuffed animals, ropes, balls, Kong, etc. Praise him when he plays with these objects and use them as a form of constructive criticism when you are attempting to deter him from biting things you don’t want him to have. For instance, if you catch him chewing one of your shoes, tell him “No” take the shoe from him and then give him one of his own playthings to let him know what is acceptable.
  • Preventing aggressions and possessiveness – Every once in a while when you play with him, take the toy he has from him for a few seconds and then give it back. Praise him and give him a small treat reward as part of this training west highland terrier method to teach him that you taking away his toy is not a bad thing. It is important to engage in this lesson so he does not become possessive over what he thinks is his, as this could lead to future aggressive behavior.
  • Providing him comfort when he is alone – When you need to leave your dog by himself, either because you will not be home or you will be boarding him in a kennel, allowing him to have special toys will provide him with comfort because they are familiar and he has grown an attachment to them. This can help prevent separation anxiety.
  • Teaching certain commands and tricks – You can use a toy to help you when training west highland terrier certain commands, such as Sit. For example, you can use the toy as a lure in the beginning stages to keep your dog’s interest and help him accomplish the sitting position. Play things are also ideal for teaching fetch, playing hide and seek and other games.

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