Weimaraner Training & Equipment Required

When weimaraner training it is imperative that you have the correct equipment before you train your dog. Not having the right tools will set you back and will not make the learning process for your dog as fluid or consistent as you would like it to be. Therefore, being prepared is essential, so don’t start until you are complete ready.

You might be wondering – what equipment is best for weimaraner training?

  • A regular collar with a clip or buckle. Correction collars, such as choke chains, etc. may be beneficial when teaching him to walk nicely and/or heel but is not necessary for basic commands such as sit, down, come, etc.
  • A 4 – 6 foot lead is perfect. Any shorter and your pet will naturally want to pull because he cannot get away and feels trapped. On the other hand, a leash that is too long or retractable can make him difficult to control. Nylon, leather and canvas leads are the most popular in terms of comfort and durability.
  • A clicker tool is a device that is used in place of praise during weimaraner training, so if you are interested in using this technique you will need to obtain one of these times prior to lessons.
  • Teaching aids, such as treats and toys, are very effective because they keep the dog’s interest, provide positive reinforcement and can help your pet understand certain instructions quicker. For instant, treats motivate a canine to pay attention and want to perform an action correctly, whereas toys can be used for teaching things, such as fetch, etc.
  • A crate is ideal for housebreaking.

There are other types of equipment that you can purchase, such as harnesses, head halters, rope and so on. You can obtain more helpful items overtime, but the above is all you really need to get started with the basics.

Always remember that when you purchase any item for weimaraner training, make sure that the products are durable and fit your pet correctly. Comfort and security are very important, so don’t look for the cheapest supplies, aim for the best.

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