Weimaraner Puppy Training and Teaching Him Not To Bite

During Weimaraner puppy training there are many lessons that should be taught and one of the most important is deterring your dog from biting. Puppyhood is the best time to teach this because you can stop the problem before it starts, and dealing with a biting puppy isn’t nearly as dangerous as dealing wit a biting adult canine.

It is a natural instinct for a pooch to put their mouths on things, people and other dogs. It is how they explore, play and communicate. However, while your pup may feel inclined to put stuff in his mouth, he should never be allowed to put his mouth on you, even if it is only a gentle action in excitement or play. You are not one of his fellow litter mates, you are his leader. Thus, the first step to this weimaraner puppy training is to let your pet know that you don’t like, nor will you permit his teeth near your skin.

Here are different ways you can deter him from biting:

  1. When he puts his teeth on you make a high pitched yelp noise. This should make him stop immediately because he should recognize the sound as another dog crying out in pain.
  2. If he does it again, tell him “No” in a firm tone and cease all contact with him. Stop playing or whatever you were doing and ignore him. Leave the room to make it clear you are not spending time with a companion that bites. He may not understand at first why you have left but he will know that he has done something to make you go away.
  3. If he continues to put his mouth on you and bite after you have attempted these above methods, you need to step your weimaraner puppy training up a notch and let him know who’s boss. You can achieve this by flipping him over on his back, getting really close to his face and growling fiercely the next time he bites. This will startle and likely scare him but this is the type of action a dog with higher status would do to let the pup know he means business. Release him after a moment and stop playing for a while.

Be consistent with this weimaraner puppy training and do not rough house with your dog as this encourages more aggressive behavior. In addition, make sure that you seek the help of professional trainer if you are having difficulty teaching your companion to stop biting. This is a problem that needs to be dealt with right away to prevent more serious issues in the future.

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