Four Ways To Help Make Sure Dog Food Doesn’t Lead to Travel Sickness

Many dog owners like to travel with their pets and enjoy taking their canine companions with them on all different kinds of trips. However, while your dog will be happy to go with you wherever you want to take it, travelling can be very hard on your pet’s digestive system. Travel is a huge change from a dog’s natural routine and this can really upset them both physically and mentally. Due to this fact, it is not uncommon for a dog to experience travel sickness from excitement, increased stomach sensitivity, anxiety, and so on.

However, there are precautions you can take to help ease or prevent the occurrence of travel sickness in your pet to make the experience a more enjoyable process for you both. Consider the following:

  1. Feed a little and feed often – Instead of providing your pet with one large meal, split up the amount you typically give them in a day into smaller meals. Allow your dog to fully digest for a few hours before giving them the next portion.
  2. Feed your dog no sooner than four hours before travel – This will give your pet the chance to fully digest their meal, decreasing the chances of an upset stomach during the journey.
  3. Feed your dog no earlier than two hours after you reach your destination – This will give the dog the chance to calm down, reducing the risk of digestive upset.
  4. Ensure your pet is provided with plenty of water and rest stops throughout the trip – Making sure your dog has been fed is important, but ensuring that it is well hydrated and is given the chance to stretch its legs is vital, especially for long trips.

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