Understanding Why Your Puppy Bites

Biting is a behavior that is universal to all puppies. That said, it is also one that is highly undesirable and that you will need to take specific action to eliminate. This is because while a biting puppy may seem cute, a biting dog can be destructive and even dangerous. It is much easier to change the behavior in a puppy than it is in a dog that has had a lifetime to become accustomed to the habit.

In order to best stop your puppy from biting, you must first discover what is causing it to happen. While all puppies do bite, they don’t all do it for the same reason. By understanding what is behind the biting, you will know how to put it to a stop in the fastest and easiest way. The most common reasons that puppies bite are the following:

  • As a primary way to explore their environment. By biting, they better understand a taste, hardness, and texture.
  • To ease the pain associated with teething, as they lose their puppy teeth and their adult dog teeth grow in.
  • As an instinctive behavior to strengthen the jaw as new teeth come through.
  • An instinctive response to a diet that is nutritionally imbalanced.
  • Out of a lack of physical or mental stimulation. When puppies have too much energy or they are bored, they will chew on objects or bite people in order to relieve this buildup of energy or boredom.
  • As a defensive action when feeling threatened.

Observe your puppy’s behaviors carefully to determine the reason or reasons behind the biting. This way, you can help to provide alternatives to satisfy the same need, but in an appropriate and acceptable way.

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