Using Training Techniques For Dog Agility Training And Equipment

Anyone that has ever tried to train a dog will fully recognise the fact that you have to employ different techniques to make sure that your dog picks up different skills. Not only is this to ensure that you can hold your dog’s interest but also to help your dog remember them all. If you want to use dog agility training and equipment to exercise him or her as well as teach obedience then the same applies. You need to look at the variety of techniques many experts advocate and decide which ones work for you.

However, there are some techniques relating to dog agility training and equipment that are more common than others. For example, training your dog to weave through poles is often best achieved by starting with the poles further apart than accepted in competition and leading your dog through them in the correct way by holding onto the collar. Treats can also be employed. Eventually you can release the collar and reduce the distance between the poles. No matter what obstacle you are training your dog for, you may want to use treats!

The trick when using dog agility training and equipment techniques is always finding what works best for you. It may be that something not documented anywhere works for you. Do not be afraid to try different techniques because you never know what may work for you.

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