Training is Key to Breaking Your Puppy’s Biting Habit

When you bring your sweet, fuzzy little puppy home, the odds are that you’ve already been thinking about how you will be training your new pet… eventually. Obedience training, with commands such as sit, down, and come, are what typically comes to mind for most new dog owners when they think about the word “training”.

However, this process is a great deal more important than simply having the animal perform those specific motions. In fact, obedience training is one of the most effective steps that you can take toward minimizing aggression, eliminating many types of problem behaviour, and teaching your dog that it is not allowed to bite you, other people, or other animals. This quality time with your dog can go a long way toward improving your relationship together and your dog’s ability to be a proper member of your family.

There are many different training techniques out there that have been designed to stop your puppy from biting, and obedience is key to this. Take some time and do your homework to find out which method will be most effective for your own pet’s habits. If you are uncertain, you can speak with your veterinarian or a dog trainer in your area (or online) who may be able to advise you. Among their advice, they are likely to suggest the following:

  • Socialization – socialize your dog from as young an age as possible so that it can learn proper behaviour around other people and other dogs.
  • Substitution – if you want your dog to stop biting than you need to recognize that it is doing it out of some kind of need. Whether it is teething or aggression, your dog will bite in order to satisfy that need. In order to stop your dog from biting you or other people, you need to provide your dog with a substitute that will allow your dog to fulfil that need in an appropriate way. For example, instead of chewing on you, you can give your dog a toy.
  • Dominance training – make sure that you are at the head of your family’s pack and that your dog respects you by practicing in dominance training.

Use these tips as well as any advice that the experts can give you about your specific pet so that you can keep control over your dog and stop the biting.

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