Training Your Family to Train Your Dog

If you’ve been following all of the training “rules” for [i4w_db__DogBreed]s to the letter, using the right rewards-based, positive training techniques, remaining patient and being consistent, but still aren’t seeing the results you expected, you may be feeling rather frustrated and are wondering what is going wrong.

If you’ve already considered everything that you’re doing, the odds are that it isn’t you or your dog that’s the problem, but is instead a matter of inconsistent behavior towards [i4w_ud_DogName] from the rest of the people in your household. It’s all well and good if you’re setting rules and training in a certain way, but if the rest of the family, or regular guests to your home are not setting the same rules and enforcing them in the same way, they could be holding your training back severely. What’s more, the longer these inconsistencies occur, the longer it will take to eradicate the undesirable behavior.

One of the worst things that can happen to your dog’s training is for [i4w_ud_DogName] to receive mixed messages. For example, if you forbid [i4w_ud_DogName] to climb up on the bed with you, but your spouse or your child is allowing this behavior, then you can’t blame your dog for trying it on. After all, it never knows when the behavior will be allowed, so it is a risk that [i4w_ud_DogName] will likely be willing to take. What’s more, if you have a really smart dog, it will learn that it’s okay to break the rules when you’re not looking. The next thing you know, your beautifully clean sheets are covered in dog hair and there are puddles of drool on the comforter!

The same goes when you are trying to train [i4w_ud_DogName] not to beg and are strictly prohibiting yourself from giving your dog food from the dinner table. If your child seems to have an enormous appetite but has, in fact, been slipping his or her veggies under the table, then confusing mixed messages are being sent to your dog. And if [i4w_ud_DogName] knows that there is a possibility of receiving food from at least one person some of the time, the begging behavior will continue.

So, if your dog training isn’t going as smoothly as expected and [i4w_ud_DogName] seems to be somewhat unreliable, first take a good look at what’s going on in the home around you. And before you throw your dog training guide in the bin, get the family together for a little pep talk and make sure that everyone understands what the rules are.

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