Dog Agility Training And Equipment: The Agility Course

Looking into dog agility training and equipment can be a long and interesting business. Not only do you have to consider how your dog will react to such training but you have to consider the agility course itself as well. Of course, the obstacles are essential because without them there would be no agility training at all! But what should you expect before you go into it and how will the curse affect your dog?

Well, the simplest of all dog agility training and equipment courses is a standard obstacle course that is designed to test your dog’s obedience and ability to follow your instructions. It also tests your ability to give instructions and control your dog so you have to work as a team to get through it. There can be any number of elements to the individual course but you have to consider that it will have a specific order and so you have to become familiar with the course before introducing you dog to it.

If you are looking to use dog agility training and equipment for fun then you do not have to worry too much about the rules but if you intend to compete then different bodies will have specific rules that you have to adhere to if you want to complete the course and score well. You are responsible for making sure that your dog goes around in the correct order so make sure that you do your homework before you start!

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