Training A Boston Terrier – Travel

naturally training a Boston Terrier should begin before you take your pet on a trip with you. This is important because you don’t want him to be upset and you want him to have a good time. You will also want to make traveling as easy as possible for you. Therefore, make sure you carefully consider everything before you head out.

First things first, what transportation will you be taking to reach your destination? Will you be traveling by vehicle or plane? If you will be traveling by car, you should do some boston terrier training so they know what it feels like to be in a moving vehicle. Have him become familiar with the sensation of road travel when he is still a puppy by taking him on short trips. Make certain he is secured safely in a harness dog seatbelt or a crate.

On the other hand, if you will be taking him via airplane, he will need to be crate trained as he will be required to remain in this enclosure for the length of the trip. The more comfortable and familiar he is with the crate the better. Likewise you will want to make sure he is happy in his caged den because depending on where you take him, he may be required to remain inside it at certain destinations (i.e. some hotels).

Aside from making sure he is prepared for the type of transportation you will use, he should also know basic boston terrier training commands, such as sit, stay, down and come. You will want to make sure that you have control over your pooch at all times.  He should be an obedient companion you can trust.

Make certain he has been well socialized with other people and animals. Unless you are vacationing in a secluded area, there is a good chance where you are headed will have many strangers, odd smells and sounds that your pet will find interesting or even upsetting. Thus, it is important that he has a friendly temperament and can adjust well to new environments.

Remember, the only aspect of traveling that should be new to your dog is the actual destination. Everything else should be made part of training a Boston Terrier.

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