Train Boxer Puppy To Stop Chewing Your Belongings

Dogs like to chew but you need to train boxer puppy what is acceptable and not acceptable chewing behavior.   It is important you know that a dog chews for many reasons, so when he destroys your favorite pair of shoes or other items in your home, this is not always an act of defiance.  He may chew because he misses you, is bored or is attempting to sooth aching gums.

Biting and chewing is a natural doggie instinct and you will not be able to train boxer puppy to give up this habit all together, as well you shouldn’t.  Putting things in their mouth, tasting and testing is how they experience.  Therefore, your goal is not to deter him from chomping but to stop him from going after items that are off limits.

Here is how you can teach him acceptable behavior in terms of what he can put in his mouth:

  • Make sure he has plenty of chew toys – Provide your pet with playthings that are durable and designed safely for dogs.  This includes balls, ropes, Nylabone, Kong and plush toys.  Teething toys are also a good idea, especially in the first several months of his life when he is losing his baby teeth and his gums are very sensitive.
  • Effectively stop him from chewing your belongings – When you see him chew on something that he shouldn’t have, such as furniture, clothing, shoes, books, kids toys, etc., train boxer puppy by telling him “No” and then taking the object from him and providing him with a proper toy.  As soon as he takes it and starts to bite, praise him to let him know this is what is allowed.  Note: you can only reprimand him if you catch him in the act.
  • Do not allow him to bite any of your old stuff – You may have an old pair of slippers or shoes that you don’t mind if your pooch destroys and might think there is no harm in letting him have them.  This is a bad idea.  While you know the difference between a worn boot and your new ones, a boxer pup does not.  If you allow him to have the old item, you are giving him the message that chewing on your stuff is acceptable, so if you yell at him for wrecking your brand new runners, he won’t understand and you will only confuse him.

Finally, though it will be hard to do, when you train boxer puppy respectable chewing habits, do not yell at your pet for destroying something you didn’t see him ruin.  You’ll only waste your breath because he won’t know why you are upset.  You need to understand that he will associate your anger with only the last action he committed.

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