Tips You Can Use to Stop Your Puppy From Biting

When you have adopted a puppy, along with housetraining and teaching your dog how to be a good member of the family, you also have to make sure that your pup learns not to bite. There is a great deal of information available on this topic, but many of the techniques are conflicting and can lead the dog owner to be confused regarding the right course to take.

Furthermore, there are a large number of common misunderstandings that can lead dog owners to make the wrong decisions for handling certain behaviors. For example, it is often thought by owners that puppies bite because they are teething, and therefore the owners do not act on the behavior when they should. Indeed, chewing can be a side effect of teething, biting is acceptable under no circumstances and dogs should note bite in response to this time in their lives.

It is more likely that a puppy will bite to establish dominance, which is something that must be stopped as early as possible, before it becomes a true aggression problem.

  • Teaching your dog not to bite can never start soon enough. The day you bring your dog home is the day that your training begins.
  • Be careful to remain patient with your puppy throughout the training to stop the biting. While some dogs need only a couple of weeks, others may need months. Either way, you must remain patient and consistent in order to be successful.
  • Use complementary training techniques, such as teaching the “off” command, which will help you to stop your dog from jumping up on a person, giving it fewer opportunities to actually bite.
  • Begin socialization as soon as you have your dog. You can very carefully socialize the dog among a strict safe few before vaccination, and then be very persistent with socialization after the dog has been vaccinated.

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