How To Teach Your Dog Agility Training And Equipment

Teaching a dog to roll over, sit, stay and heel is the extent of many dog owners’ training when it comes to their beloved pet pooches. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all because it teaches basic obedience and keeps both parties content. However, some dog owners may take it one step further and push themselves and their dogs with dog agility training and equipment. If you both enjoy the challenge then this could be the best way of bonding that you find. However, you may want to find out a little about how to teach your dog to use dog agility training and equipment first.

First of all, when teaching our dog about the dog agility training and equipment, you need to understand that there are two elements that you are striving to achieve – accuracy and speed. Although you may start off by getting your dog familiar with obstacles and courses, these two things are your ultimate aims because they are the values that are used to determine the best dogs at competition.

No matter which dog agility training and equipment you use when teaching your dog, you have to be aware that he or she will be unfamiliar with said dog agility training and equipment. As a result, you have to have patience and employ positive training techniques to put your dog at ease. He or she will not like moving obstacles or those that they have never seen before so it does take time and a lot of treats to settle most dogs. The secret is to find a method that best works for you and then stick to it. It will put you both at your ease.

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