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Breed Specific Dog Training Menu

Breed Specific Dog Training Menu

Selcect your breed from the list below to begin learning some breed specific dog training… A-C B-G Basset Hound Training Beagle Training Bichon Frise Training Border Collie Training Boston Terrier Training Boxer Training Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Training Chihuahua Training Cockapoo Training Dachshund Training Dalmatian Training English Bulldog Training Golden Retriever Training Great Dane Training […]
Dog Training Behavior - How Sensitive Is Your Dog?

Dog Training Behavior – How Sensitive Is Your Dog?

Are you struggling with dog training behavior? Most dogs are eager to please and very receptive to training – provided we teach them properly. Just like humans, dogs learn through smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing, but a dog’s senses are far more acute than our own and selective breeding has heightened particular sensitivities of some breeds even further. Consequently, individual dogs will respond […]

Dog Obedience Training – Using Positve And Negative Reinforcers

Think of dog obedience training and, chances are, you’ll automatically think of dedicated obedience sessions where patient owners work with whistles and voice commands to train their attentive dogs. But what you probably won’t have considered is that your dog is learning all the time, whether you are involved or not. Operant Conditioning Dogs are […]

Puppy Dog Training – Stopping Bad Behavior

Puppy dog training has come a long way in the last few years and, quite rightly, most good dog trainers and dog training manuals now promote the benefits of positive training methods, where the dog is rewarded for its good behaviour. The use of punishment, on the other hand, is often frowned upon and owners […]

How To Train A Puppy – Before It Even Arrives

The best advice for someone who wants to know how to train a puppy is to be prepared! As well as the importance of pre-buying all the necessay accessories – ie, bed, food bowls, food, collar, leash, poop bags, toys, crate – if you want to get off to the best possible start with your […]