Stopping Dog Aggression: The Types Of Dog Aggression

If you are looking into stopping dog aggression then you would be mistaken if you think that there is one solution for every dog out there to stop aggression in its tracks once and for all. Dogs are like humans in that they all have their own personalities and some will respond to certain incentives whereas others will not. However, some will definitely look to you to provide them with the safety and security they need to stop their aggressive behaviour. You need to identify the type of aggression before you can do that though.

Stopping dog aggression is not an easy task at all and this is why it is important to establish the type of aggression before you try to stop the behavior. You will need to identify which of the following types your dog displays when stopping dog aggression before you start:

  • Dominance Aggression – When stopping dog aggression in this form, you have to get to the very root of the problem. There can be any number of reasons why your dog is trying to be dominant but you have to exert your own authority and make sure that you are perceived as the alpha dog.
  • Fear Aggression – This type of aggression is common in rescued dogs or those that are really timid and of a nervous disposition. This is a dangerous type of aggression that requires you to make your dog feel secure when stopping dog aggression.
  • Possessive Aggression – Territorial and possessive aggression is another major form of aggression and one that should be stopped in its tracks purely and simply because anything can set it off and, if left unchecked, this will definitely escalate and expand.
  • Redirected Aggression – This is harder to handle because it is difficult to manage. Redirected aggression occurs when your dog cannot deal with the real source of a threat or anxiety so do a little digging and then use positive reinforcement when stopping dog aggression.


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