Stop Puppy Biting During Play By Teaching Your Dog It’s Not Fun to Bite

Puppies are very cute and adorable, but their sweet looks and need for affection isn’t the only thing you will associate with your pup. The reason is as soon as you begin to play with your new companion, you will quickly discover that it likes to bite. The problem is, while biting is really only another part of playing to the dog, due to the fact that it is so young, it doesn’t understand the need to regulate the pressure of its bite, which can hurt. Since this is the case, it is important that puppy biting is stopped as soon as possible, because it may lead to serious behavioural problems when your dog becomes fully grown.

One of the first things you need to do to stop your puppy from biting, is to establish your authority over your pet when you interact with it. This is the only way your pup will learn what is and what is not acceptable. Just as it is necessary for all other types of training, you need to be consistent in your teachings so your young canine pal quickly becomes aware that biting is wrong and not tolerated.

A puppy needs guidance and will live what it learns. Therefore, as soon as your pup starts to bite you when you play, you need to make it clear to him that you don’t like this. There are different ways you can achieve this goal, such as saying “No” in a firm voice and stopping the play with the dog. This will alert it to the fact that it did something you didn’t like. If you continue to do this each time your puppy bites during play, it will eventually get the message that biting isn’t fun. Remember, your success is linked to how much time you spend training and interacting with your pet.

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