Standard Poodle Training – Stop Your Dog From Jumping

Jumping is a natural dog instinct but this doesn’t mean you can’t implement certain standard poodle training techniques to teach your pooch that this is not a desired behavior, especially when it comes to leaping up on people. Thus, if you do not want your poodle to jump or would like to deter him from this habit that he has already developed, here is what you can do to remedy the situation before it becomes dangerous.

  • When you arrive home or when guests come over, wait at least 15 minutes before you greet your pet. The purpose of this particular standard poodle training method is to assert your dominance over him. This is imperative because jumping up on people is a type of dominant behavior. He may attempt to do many things to get your attention while you ignore him but don’t cave! You cannot let him win.
  • Train him to sit. As soon as you think he may leap up, give him the sit command. When he obeys, praise and pet him. This will help distract him from his initial purpose.
  • Teach him “Off”. If he jumps on you or anyone else tell him “Off!” in a strong voice and bear your teeth at him while making eye contact. This should cause him to immediately back off. This is a good reaction to his jumping because it closely resembles how a pup’s mother would respond if she wanted her pup to calm down. Another method you may want to try for this standard poodle training technique if the above does not work, is to take him by the collar and pull him down when saying the command to further drive the message home. When he does remove himself from you and his four feet are planted firmly on the floor, praise and reward him.
  • Refrain from rough housing with your pet. While you may feel inclined to play tug of war or wrestle, this type of play encourages jumping and although you may know the difference between playtime and etiquette when greeting people, your dog does not.

One action you will want to avoid doing when he attempts to leap up is lifting up your knee or kicking out with your leg. You can accidentally really injure your animal this way. Therefore, be careful and always resort to commands first in standard poodle training before resorting to any physical contact with your companion.

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