Shih Tzu Training For Bathing

Bathing is part of shih tzu training because these dogs need to be bathed on a regular basis and should be introduced to it at an early age. This is important because most dogs don’t like to be washed and if you don’t introduce the process carefully, bath time can become a very negative experience that will be a constant struggle for both you and your companion.

Here’s what you need to do in order to make sure you use the right shih tzu training techniques when it comes to giving your pet a bath:

  • Make sure you have a sturdy tub where you can wash him. It’s a good idea to use an old tub because he may scratch the sides with his nails.
  • Make sure he has a sturdy mat to stand on. Dogs do not like it when they feel unsecure, so make sure he won’t slip while you wash him.
  • Obtain a spray nozzle for the faucet with a long hose so that the water can easily reach your pooch.
  • An important part of shih tzu training is educating yourself and making sure you have the right equipment and products before you put your plan into action. Therefore, make certain you do your research on dog shampoos and only use soap that is safe for canines, because cleaning products for people can irritate your dog’s skin. There are many products on the market so if you are not sure what is ideal, it is best to speak with your vet or breeder for recommendations.
  • Wash him in tepid water and do not shampoo his face. Focus your cleaning intentions on his body and legs, not his head. Rinse him thoroughly to ensure all soap is removed.
  • Make sure you have a few towels on hand to wrap him in and dry him off immediately when he’s done.
  • Dry him as much as you can with the towels and then use a blow dryer set on a cool temperature.
  • Comb him and clip him as desired when he is clean.

The bathing process does not have to be horrible. You can make it as enjoyable as you can for your companion by talking and singing to him while you bathe him, and praising him and providing him with treats on occasion as a reward to let him know how pleased you are with his behavior. Just remember that you should never call him to come to you to get a bath (always pick him up and put him in the tub) and be as gentle, patient and understanding as possible during this shih tzu training.

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