Shih Tzu Dog Training To Keep Them Out of the Garbage

Shih tzu dog training is not only about teaching commands to a dog, it is also about educating them on what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Canines tend to be attracted to many things we don’t typically like including, digging, chewing, barking and a special temptation for garbage. Shih tzus, like most other breeds, love the smell of trash and will have a difficult time resisting the urge to route through it in search of tasty leftover morsels. That said, they may also turn to garbage in an effort to relieve boredom or obtain your attention.

Regardless of why your pooch may feel inclined to poke his nose in the waste bucket, the fact is it is a habit that needs to be stopped because it’s not only disgusting it can also be potentially harmful to your little pal. How so? Many dangerous items are disposed of that your pet can discover on his trash adventures including, glass, chemicals, nails, other sharp objects and dangerous foods (i.e. small bones, chocolate, grapes, etc.) Thus, it is imperative that you employ the proper shih tzu dog training to put an end to this annoying and unsafe habit.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Reduce temptation – For starters don’t leave garbage lying around where it can easily tempt your dog. Take out the trash in your kitchen when it is full and make sure it is stored underneath a cupboard – out of sight out of mind. Make a habit of emptying the other waste bins in you home as frequently as possible.
  • Reprimand – consistent correction is important for all forms of shih tzu dog training, so if you catch him in the act of going though the trash tell him “No” in a firm tone and order him out of the room by pointing towards the exit and either saying “get out” or “leave” in a sharp tone. If he does not listen, take him by the collar and move him by force. Understand, this does not mean you should drag your pooch from the room, simply give a short tug forward to motivate him into action. You need to be careful when you do this as he is only small. You can also pick him up briefly to remove him from the situation but do not continue to carry him around.
  • Drop it! – If he has an item that has been disposed of in his mouth, tell him to “drop it” in a firm tone. If he does not immediately do so, open his mouth and fish the object out. While this will be unpleasant for both you and him, you cannot let him ingest whatever it is he has for two very important reasons. 1 – What he is eating could harm him (i.e. poison or choking hazard), 2 – You cannot let him think he can get away with this behavior.

Always be consistent with your shih tzu dog training, keep the trash off the floor and never give him a reason to think that the garbage is theirs for the taking.

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