Sheltie Training With A Clicker Tool

When Sheltie training there are different methods you can use such as training with a clicker. A clicker is an effective dog training tool that can help you better communicate with your pet while you are teaching him. It is used in place of verbal praise to let the canine know that the actions he is performing are correct.

Some trainers believe this sheltie training technique is superior to praising vocally because the clicking sound remains the same all of the time whereas the sound of a person’s voice has different pitches, which the pooch may not understand as well. After all, dogs do not comprehend language, they respond to sound. Since this is the case, some find that their pets learn faster with clickers because there is more consistency.

If you have never seen this tool before you may wonder what it looks like.  It is a small device, usually plastic with a box-like shape that houses a piece of metal. When the metal is pressed down it makes a “click-click” noise. In order to familiarize him with this sound, take him to a room with few distractions and bring treats with you. When you have his attention, click and then immediately reward him. At this point you shouldn’t be trying to get him to do anything; your only goal right now is to have him recognize the noise. Do this a few times until he associates the sound with a reward to follow.

Once the association has been established you are ready to incorporate the clicker into your sheltie training. Essentially, you will teach him the command and when he does a correct action you immediately click and reward him with a treat. Eventually, as with all lessons, you will want to slowly wean out the food reward as his comprehension becomes stronger because you don’t want him to only work for treats. However, clicking is permanent and should always be done. Thus, you will want to have one available to you at all times when you are in the company of your pooch.

Should you decide that you would like to engage in clicker sheltie training, you will discover that you can obtain this trainer item from certain local and online pet stores; they are not generally difficult to find.

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