How to Select the Right Crate Training Supplies

Obedience training and teaching your dog how to behave within your home is vitally important to your dog’s ability to live happily as a member of your family. It is an essential part of your relationship with your dog and to be able to enjoy your time together throughout the dog’s lifetime. Pet owners frequently opt for crate training due to its excellent track record with every breed. That said, to be able to crate train, you will, of course, need a crate. There are several types on the market today, so you will need to inform yourself to make sure that you choose the right one.

Use the following information to get you started in deciding on the crate type that is right for your dog and training purposes:

  • Wire – These are highly popular dog crates for use at kennels, dog shows, and in homes where the crates won’t need to be moved around very much. This is because while they are highly practical and easy to clean, they are quite heavy. They provide a high amount of ventilation and, when properly secured, many can be suited to car travel.
  • Aluminum – Similar to wire, these crates are much lighter and can be folded away. They are rust-proof and often come with a carrying handle to make it easier to move the crate from one place to the next. Many of these crates are suitable for vehicle transportation.
  • Plastic – These are among the most popular, especially among smaller breeds of dog. They are very handy for travel because of their hard sides which offer greater protection for your pet. This said, they cannot be collapsed and they take up a significant amount of space – especially among larger breeds of dogs.
  • Soft-Sided – These crates are available primarily to provide your dog with comfort or shade. They are not safe for travel as they collapse under little weight and don’t offer any protection to the dog. Dogs known for chewing should not be given a soft-sided crate. This type of crate should be considered a place to relax as opposed to a space in which your dog is secure.

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