Your Role In Housebreaking A Dog

It is a fact that housebreaking a dog can be hard work, especially in the case of getting a new puppy or a rescue dog that has no prior experience of toilet training at all. You may find surprises in your kitchen for months to come after you first take your pooch in but you absolutely have to play our part in housebreaking your dog as quickly and effectively as possible.

Your role is of paramount importance when housebreaking a dog as you are effectively a teacher and a parent within your own home. You have to provide your dog with support by training him or her to go outside. As such, you need to put a negative spin on urinating or defecating within the home but make it a positive thing for your dog to go outside. It is not surprising that many owners struggle because it can be frustrating and difficult to know whether you could do anything to help the process but keeping a cool head throughout is an absolute must.

Housebreaking a dog is not an easy task but you must give guidance and keep your patience in check. You must also be firm and maintain the same rules throughout. After all, if you are making rules and do not stick to them yourself then your dog will automatically become confused. The best thing to do is to work out how you are to cope with housebreaking a dog in advance and then stick to that method. You will find that your dog grasps the process much quicker, thus making it a much happier household!

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