A Quick Guide To Easy Dog Tricks

If you take the time to look around you will find that there are plenty of easy dog tricks out there today that you can teach your dog over a period of a few days. Some of them are the basic level ones that should only take a day or so to pick up whereas others take a few weeks because they are more complex.

There are also some obvious easy dog tricks that people do not think of because they take them for granted. They believe that they are things that every dog should do anyway. A few of those are listed below for your ease of reference. Start as you mean to go on by getting your dog to do these and you will find adding extra tricks to them later much easier!

Sit – For some reason, people think that every dog knows the command to sit but that is not the case. They still have to be taught it and so it is a great place to start. Sitting for you is a sign of obedience so it is an absolute must.

Lie Down – This is an extension of the sitting easy dog tricks, and a replacement for some. For example, greyhounds find it incredibly difficult to sit so you should move straight to the lie down command. Again, it is a good sign of obedience and can ensure that you remain pack leader.

Stay – This one of the easy dog ticks is one of the best ones to start with because it establishes you at the top of the command structure, encourages obedience and also allows you to build a good basis for suspense game like hide & seek and fetch later on.

Roll Over – So most dogs roll onto their backs so you can fuss their belly but it does not mean that they know the commands. As such, you need to be able to teach this one straight after lie down because it promotes a submissive nature.

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