Puppy Secrets For Housebreaking A Dog

If you have just adopted a new puppy then expect a little frustration over the coming weeks. Housebreaking a dog that is only a few weeks old can take a lot of time, energy and patience, but by choosing a puppy you effectively signed up for that anyway! However, if you start housebreaking a dog before he or she is 10 weeks old then the likelihood is that he or she ill pick it up with ease after a couple of weeks whereas it can take longer in older dogs. Of course, this is not an absolute formula but the puppy secrets below will help you to start moving on the right path straight away.

ALWAYS let your puppy out at regular intervals. It may be as frequent as every hour during the first few weeks. A routine will encourage the basics of housebreaking a dog to be picked up quickly and effectively.

ALWAYS go to the same area for him or her to do some business. This will provide your dog with a precise location to go to and will help to contain mess for you!

ALWAYS make a loud noise if you catch your dog urinating or defecating in the house. Clap or use a rattle to interrupt the process. This will denote that this behaviour is wrong and should be followed immediately by a trip outside.

NEVER lose your temper or punish your dog for urinating or defecating in the house. This is counter productive.

ONLY tell your dog off when you catch him or her in the act. If you did not realise then you should instead try to identify whether or not your dog asked to go out and you missed the signs.

USE a lot of praise! This is the easiest way to encourage results when housebreaking a dog!

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