Puggle Training – How To Do a Basic Sit-Stay

Puggle training is an ongoing process as there are many things to be taught. One important command is the sit/stay. This particular instruction results in the dog sitting down and remaining still in that position until you release him from it by giving him a release command, such as “OK”. Teaching a canine to stay is very important because it provides you with supreme control over your pet, which can be very useful in a number of situations.

Stay is very beneficial when you want your dog to remain still for safety reasons. For instance, you are walking him and his collar breaks you can tell him to remain still as you scoop him up before he runs off. You can have him stop and wait for the light to change green before you cross the road, and so on. Stay is also a good training puggle technique when you are around others who are afraid of dogs.

The following is how you can train your puggle to perform a basic sit and stay (note – he should already have been taught how to sit):

  • Step 1 – Have him wear his collar and lead. Hold the lead in your hand and command him to sit in front of you. Praise him when he does.
  • Step 2 – When he is seated tell him to “Stay” in a firm tone and at the same time place your flat palm in front of his face as your hand signal. After waiting for three seconds tell him “O.K.” and then pet him, praise him and give him a treat to let him know he’s done well.
  • Step 3 – Repeat step 2 but each time have him remain in the stay for a little longer. For example, move from 3 seconds to 5 seconds and so on. Repeat the lessons for a few times (i.e. have him sit-stay for 5 seconds for five sessions before moving on to 10 second sessions). If he moves during a stay do not scold him. Make a correction sound like he made an error and then begin the lesson again and have him remain still for a shorter period of time.

Eventually you will want to continue to increase the length of the stay up to a couple of minutes, as well as distance yourself from your pet. Although this will take plenty of practice, patience and time, once he has achieved and understood the puggle training basics sitting and staying, it will become easier for him to advance to higher levels.

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