Successful Pug Training – Being a Good Dog Handler

Successful Pug training depends on how good a dog handler you can become. The pug is a very loving and adorable dog that requires your affection, care, attention and pug training. He needs your love and guidance to grow up happy, healthy and balanced. However, you need to understand two very important factors as a trainer. The first is that this breed is known for their willful nature and the second is that successful teaching depends heavily on how much a canine desires the approval of their handler.

Hence, it is very important for you to develop a close bond with your pet because this will significantly help your pug training. The better your dog is treated and the closer he feels to you, the more he will seek to please you. Therefore, play with him frequently, pet him, groom him and socialize him.

Pugs are smart dogs that can typically be effectively trained with patience and mild persistence, as long as you have their attention and keep the lesson positive and interesting. That being said, one of the primary rules of teaching is to avoid overworking your dog. If you try to cram too much into one lesson or make the session last longer than 10 minutes, you will cause your pooch to either become bored or frustrated. Both will cause him to lose his focus and anything you teach from that point onwards will be wasted.

Aside from keeping things brief and fun, pug training needs to be very repetitive and consistent. Repeating instructions over and over again using the same method each time not only allows your pet to learn faster but it also helps him to remember it. You should also only teach one command or trick at a time and move at his pace. There is no hurry. The goal is for him to successfully complete his training – the objective is not to do it as fast as you can.

Another extremely important aspect of pug training is to praise him frequently to let him know that what he’s doing is the desired behavior. You need to be enthusiastic and really encourage him to make him feel good with your praise. A simple pat on the head is not enough. Also, a few treats every now and then coupled with praise makes for happy well learned pugs.

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