Pug Dog Training – Exploring And Learning Without Fear

Pug dog training should begin when they are very young and in their early world exploring stages. At this time they will be smelling thousands of different smells and experiencing new tastes, sights and walking on various surfaces. During these first stages when they are familiarizing themselves with their new environments and settling in with your family they are very eager, curious and vulnerable. Therefore, it is easy for them to become excited and equally as easy for them to become scared.

It is very important to let your pooch explore everything at his own pace so he can become comfortable with it on his own terms. While you may wish to show him and have him try many things, if he is not ready for it he may be overwhelmed and it will be harder to have him try it again in the future, if he already has a bad association with it. This is why when you are starting the training pug stage that involves socialization you need to ensure that you don’t force social encounters on him. Let him greet and approach people. Don’t’ thrust him on others.

That being said, while there are certain things you should let your dog discover on his own, specific elements such as loud sounds should be introduced to him. They will of course startle him when he first hears them but it is better that you are prepared for the sound and see his reaction, instead of it occurring randomly and it frightens you both or you are unaware of the fright it causes him.

Sounds you can introduce him to include the vacuum, the sudden noise of a falling non-breakable object on a hard surface, a door slamming, loud music, movies, etc. If he shows signs of fear, do not cuddle him or talk to him in a babying voice, this will only have a negative effect on your training because he will think being frightened is how he should react. Instead, stroke him a few times in a calm manner and tell him in a gentle but firm voice that it will be alright. Remain in the room with him but act calmly and normally. This should give him the message that since you are not upset he can relax.

You should also have him encounter the sounds and the environment of the outside world. Take him on walks in different areas so he can feel diverse textures under his feet and gain an understanding of his new life with you. All of these basic experiences are very important when pug dog training, so make it a fun adventure you can both learn from and enjoy.

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