Prevent Your Dog From Barking Constantly When It Is Home Alone

When a dog is not familiar with its surroundings, it may be more prone to barking because it feels uncertain and is on its guard. Due to this fact, you may notice that the first time you bring your pet home or move to a new location, it may bark more than normal, especially when it is alone and feels the need to protect its territory, is upset or bored. Incessant barking can be very annoying for you and equally irritating for your neighbours. However, there are certain steps you can take to help prevent your dog from chronically barking when it is alone.

To begin with, canines are very social creatures, so don’t leave them alone for long periods of time. If you do need to leave them by themselves for several hours on a daily basis, you may want to consider obtaining another canine companion or having someone come over and spend some time with your pet or take it for a walk. Providing this social stimulation will help relieve some of the boredom and anxiety in the dog that can lead to barking.

Teach your dog early on that there will be times when you won’t be home and it will be alone. You can slowly make them accustomed to this fact by leaving them alone for a few minutes everyday in the beginning of this training and then slowly increasing the time you are gone. Essentially, you will want to establish that while you do leave, you always return. Be sure to leave them with all of the comforts they require (i.e. toys, treats, water).

Crate training your pet, and leaving it in its crate when you leave, may also help to prevent unwanted barking. Many dogs feel safe in a crate and take great comfort in it. Furthermore a crate will also give you peace of mind, as you will know your dog won’t be roaming about and being a noisy nuisance to your neighbours.

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