Pomeranian Puppy Training – 5 Useful Housebreaking Tips

Pomeranian puppy training is not an impossible task. They are intelligent toy canines that are happy to learn whatever you teach them as long as you provide them with the gentle, patient and consistency they require to learn. However, even though you may not know at first what your pom should be taught, one lesson that shouldn’t be avoided and that must begin right away is housetraining.

The most important aspect about training Pomeranian puppy training and housebreaking methods is to start early – the same day you bring him home. Here are 5 tips to make the process easier:

  1. Designate a space for your pup. This could be a crate; a small area of your home, such as a bathroom, utility room and so on; create a barrier in a small space in a room, such as your kitchen, etc. This spot is where your pooch should spend most of his time, and is where he should always be fed and were he should sleep. This area can be expanded later on but in the beginning should be left smaller to prevent him from soiling the area. In essence you are creating him his own den, which he will instinctually want to keep clean.
  2. Bond with your pal in his space. Don’t leave your pet alone in his mini territory. Be sure to spend plenty of time with him. You can, of course, take him out of this area when you are home and permit him to wander about. However, when you cannot supervise him, he should be confined to this area for his safety and to prevent him from wrecking stuff in your home and other accidents that can slow the training pomeranian process.
  3. Choose a spot outdoors for elimination. Each time you take him outside to do his business always take him to the same area as this will encourage him to go because he will pick up his scent and will understand quicker that this is where he should relieve himself. Be sure to provide him with plenty of praise each and every time he eliminates outdoors to let him know this is exactly what you want.
  4. Give him a feeding schedule. When your pom is on a routine, it will be easier for you to predict when he will need to go. For instance, you should take him out soon after he eats and drinks.
  5. Use constructive discipline if he has an accident indoors. If – and only if – you catch your dog in the act of relieving himself in your home, instantly say “No” in a firm and sharp tone and pick him up. Immediately take him outdoors to his bathroom spot. If he goes, praise him to reinforce correct behavior. You must do this each time, regardless if he goes outdoors or not because the more consistent you are in your training pomeranian efforts, the better the message is received. In addition, when you clean up a mess inside, use safe pet cleaners that will eliminate the odor which will prevent the dog from going in this same spot in your home. Do not use strong chemical cleaners as this can make your canine sick, and refrain from using ammonia as this mimics the smell of urine, which can also be counterproductive.

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