Papillon Training – Common Questions

If you have never been involved in Papillon training before, and you are the new owner of this breed, you may have many questions you would like answered. This is only natural because you are curious about something in which you lack confidence. Finding the answers you seek will give you perspective and understanding and help you become a better trainer.

The following are answers to common questions regarding Papillon training:

When should you start his education? It should begin as soon as you bring him home. There is no reason to wait because dogs can begin to learn rules and obedience when they are 2 months old. The longer you wait to teach your pooch, the more bad habits he will develop. He is much more open minded to learning when he is very young and his mind fresh with discovery.

What should it include? Although you can teach your companion many commands and tricks, he should be taught basic obedience as a minimum. This includes, sit, down, stay, come and heel. You should have control over your canine and become his leader, even though he is only small in size. Not providing him with this guidance is a disservice to him and you. He can also develop small dog syndrome as a result of poor training.

What should be taught first? When training papillon begins, the first lesson that is often taught is housebreaking. Teaching your four legged wonder to eliminate outdoors is necessary and the sooner you begin the better and faster the results.

What training methods work best? Positive, gentle training and treat rewards work best to motivate this breed to learn. You should praise him each time he does as you command and provide him with constructive discipline when necessary (i.e. if you see him chewing on something that does not belong to him tell him “no” take the item away but replace it with one of his toys and then praise him so he understands that it is his behavior that is wrong not his chewing).

Other aspects that help with training papillon pooches is to ensure that they are provided with proper exercise, attention and that you remain consistent in your methods and stand by your rules.

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