How Owner Irresponsibility Can Cause Illness in Dogs

Making sure that your [i4w_db__DogBreed] is a healthy and happy dog stems from the decisions you make during its life. You are in total control of your dog’s wellbeing and happiness. You decide what [i4w_ud_DogName] eats, how often and how much, and how much exercise you take together, when training is given, what medical attention [i4w_ud_DogName] receives, when grooming is required, and so on. It’s a huge responsibility and you may be surprised to learn that it takes is just the smallest bit of neglect on the owner’s part for a [i4w_db__DogBreed] to become unhappy, develop bad behaviors, and even get ill.

There are a variety of different ways that a [i4w_db__DogBreed] owner can cause their dog to become ill. These include:

  • Leaving garbage accessible – Most [i4w_db__DogBreed]s love food, and if given the chance they will eat whatever is available to them, including anything that’s in the garbage. However, there are many things in the waste bin that can make your dog very sick, including rotten food, bones, sharp containers, etc. Garbage bags should never be left out in the open, on the floor, or any place your dog can reach.
  • Poisonous plants – Not all house plants are dog-friendly. Examples of plants that are poisonous to dogs are pointsettia, daffodil, tulip, jade, ivy, peace lilly, corn plant, mistletoe, Chinese evergreen, etc. There are also many outdoor plants and flowers that are harmful to [i4w_db__DogBreed] s, so owners need to research all plants they include in and outside of their home to make sure it’s safe for their pet. [ProductName] includes a list of the most common offenders.
  • Hazards in the home – Many things in the home can be dangerous to [i4w_db__DogBreed]s including, but not limited to: children’s toys, electrical wires, household cleaners and chemicals, medication, etc. Small items should not be left lying around, wires should be hidden, and medication and chemicals should be tucked away on high shelves.

So, whatever you do, it’s important for you to start to ‘think [i4w_db__DogBreed]’ before it’s too late. Regularly check around your home and yard for potentially dangerous objects because you will feel guilty for the rest of your life should anything happen to [i4w_ud_DogName] because of something that could easily have been avoided had you taken more care.

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