Use the Nutrition Label to Choose the Best Dog Food

After the pet food scare a few years ago, and the discovery of very poor ingredients in foods since that time, pet owners are becoming much more aware of what they are feeding their dogs and want to know how they can go about discovering what kind of nutrition is available within the package of their dog food.

One of the best things that you can do is use the nutrition guide on the label to help you get an idea of how healthy the dog food is and how appropriate it is for your individual dog. Use the following to help you compare the foods on the pet store shelves:

  • Look for products that identify a minimum of 95 percent of its ingredients. Remember that just because the can maybe labeled “beef”, it doesn’t mean that beef is its only ingredient. In fact, it doesn’t even have to contain beef as half of its ingredients. Therefore, by making certain that you can see at least 95 percent of what the package contains, you can get a better idea of how much meat is actually there. Foods that do not list that much should be considered “mystery ingredients” which are not worth the risk.
  • If the word “flavor” is on the label within the name of the product or its description, don’t buy it. Using the word “flavor” usually means that it only tastes like what it is describing but does not actually contain that ingredient.
  • Avoid dog foods that contain the words: entrée, dinner, platter, formula, or other similar words. By adding these words to the label, the manufacturers change the regulations by which they are judged and measured, allowing much greater flexibility in the percentages on the nutrition label and ingredients list.

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