Maltese Training – Preventing Small Dog Syndrome

Maltese training should not be considered optional; it is a mandatory part of owning one of these small white dogs. Far too many owners of little dogs make the mistake of not training their tiny companions and as a result their animals become possessive, aggressive and develop other bad habits and behaviors that are characteristic of small dog syndrome.

Small dog syndrome is often used to describe smaller canines that display excessively dominate behaviors as a result of poor or zero leadership from their owner. This is why maltese training is essential to ensure that your pet is disciplined, is obedient and knows that you are the boss. They need to have rules or they will make their own rules, try to enforce their leadership and develop a nasty personality towards strangers and even other family members.

If you are not sure if your dog has this syndrome, here are some of the signs:

  • He will sit on you, jump on you or lay next to you when he feels like it.
  • He will be protective of his food and toys and will not let you near his things or his food when eating or playing.
  • Barks excessively to get your attention.
  • Is possessive of you and shows aggression towards others when they come near you.
  • He growls when someone attempts to move him from his favorite spot.
  • Becomes destructive when he is left by himself or you try to discipline him.

To make sure that you dog doesn’t develop this unpleasant behavior, here is the maltese training tips you can put into place:

  1. Treat him as a dog and 7 make sure he knows what your rules are and enforce them.
  2. Feed him after you eat and never give him food from the table.
  3. Socialize him with other people and animals.
  4. Only carry him in your arms when necessary, avoid getting into the habit of carrying him with you wherever you go. Also, when you pick him up, never hold him so his head is above your shoulder.
  5. Crate train him.
  6. Provide him with basic obedience so you have control over him (i.e. commands, such as sit, down, stay, come, heel, etc.).
  7. When he wants you affection and attention give him a command first (ex. sit) before you pet him. You should always be the one in control.

Although it may be difficult at first to engage in this maltese training, because all you want to do is pick up and cuddle your little poochie, it is necessary for his healthy mental development. By babying him and not training him you are not doing your pal any favors. You will only make his life and yours more difficult and unpleasant.

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