Lhasa Apso Training – Children

Dif you know you Lhasa Apso training is signigicantly effected by your children? Many children love dogs but not all canines are fond of children, which is why it is imperative that kids are included as part of lhasa apso training.   The lhasa can be a very friendly dog that does enjoy the company of children, but a child must be taught how to properly interact with the dog, because this pooch will not put up with rough, teasing or disrespectful kids.

Therefore, if you plan on introducing this small dog to your home and you have children, you need to make sure that your young family members know how to play and respect the pet.  The best way for them to learn is to include them in lhasa apso training and socialization.

Here are some ways that you can help create a strong bond between kids and your lhasa:

Educate them about the breed – Teach them about their new pet.  They should know about his history, temperament and the basic care and love he requires to be a happy family member.

Make sure rules are understood – Your son or daughter needs to know two different sets of rules:

  1. The rules put in place for the dog – They should know what the animal is allowed to get away with as well as the training methods you use.
  2. The rules that must be followed when interacting with the pet – Children should be taught how to handle the pooch, how to play wit him and when to leave him alone.

Give them responsibility – There are different steps to lhasa apso training and this is something a child should know.  You can teach them the importance of establishing a routine for their new little companion and give them manageable responsibilities, such as feeding him every day at the same time and making sure he has fresh water.

Teach them how to handle their new four legged friend with care – Show them how to properly pet him, touch him and pick him up.  They should be made to understand that these dogs should be handled with care.  Let your child watch when you groom him. Make them  part of your Lhasa Apso training.

Kids should be supervised when they play and interact with the animal, especially those under 8 years of age.

Finally, children need to understand that a dog will likely chew up their stuff if they leave it lying around, that the lhasa will not always want to play when they do or that the pup may engage in other behaviors they may not like.  They need to realize that the dog is not intentionally trying to upset them and under no circumstance should they hit the canine.  When in doubt on how to deal with the pooch they should seek your advice whenever possible.

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