Lhasa Apso Puppy Training – 5 Important Tips

When you begin Lhasa Apso puppy training you need to make sure you know what you are doing so you don’t confuse your pet or make foolish mistakes that can make teaching a much larger challenge. To help you in your training endeavor, the following are 5 important tips you can use to your advantage.

  1. Patience, consistence and persistence – These three elements are key in terms of all lhasa apso training, regardless if you are teaching commands, tricks or anything else. You must let your lhasa learn at his own pace and continue to refresh his memory for best results and effective learning.
  2. Dog are pack animals, use this to your advantage – Dogs, no matter their size or breed, are looking to be lead by the alpha male or take on this role themselves. Since they want to follow a leader, as long as you establish yourself in this roll by making it clear that they are below you (i.e. feed them after you eat, don’t let them sleep on your bed, etc.), they will see you as above them and are far more likely to follow your commands when you stand by your own rules.
  3. Training should be fun and positive – This should be a time for you and your lhasa to bond, it shouldn’t be a chore. Talk to him gently but firmly and be sure to praise him and pet him when he does as you ask to keep things happy.
  4. Don’t make training long – Canines, especially puppies, have very short attention spans. Don’t make their sessions any longer than 10 minutes or they will lose interest and become bored. Keep things fresh and fun!
  5. Be prepared for him to make mistakes – Lhasa apso training will not always run smoothly. When your dog does not perform as you want him to, do not reprimand, yell or hit him. All you need to do is not reward or praise him and start from the beginning. If he is having difficulty learning a certain command you may want to try breaking it down further so he has a better understanding.  You want him to learn from his errors not make him afraid. Remember, keep things positive.

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