Common Labradoodle Training Mistakes

Labradoodle training is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, as long as you are aware of the basic things a dog needs to learn and avoid a few common mistakes the average owner tends to make, you shouldn’t have a problem teaching your pooch and helping him become the companion you want him to be.

Here is what you need to do if you want to make your labradoodle training a success and avoid mistakes that can lead to problems:

  • Training needs to happen everyday and needs to begin the moment you welcome your puppy home – There is no point in waiting until your dog has settled before you begin teaching him rules, commands and obedience. The longer you wait the more difficult you will make the process on yourself and him. Puppies are open minded learners and are less likely to resist your teachings.
  • Dominate your dog – One of the biggest mistakes owners make is they lose sight of the fact that their companion is a dog. Dogs are not humans, they do not think like we do. They rely on their instincts and how they are lead to perceive the world around them. They see your family as a hierarchy and they want to know where their position is. If you do not make it clear to your animal that you are the head of the pack in labradoodle training, he will not respect you and will try to take the position for himself. Therefore, he needs rules and discipline. He also must be made to see that your needs come before his always. You should always be the one in control.
  • Do not let your doodle display aggression – Growling and snapping are aggressive behaviors in your dog. Aggression is an act of dominance and should never be ignored because it can accelerate into serious problems.
  • Be a consistent and patient leader – Training must always be done using the same methods time and time again. Do not reprimand your doodle for a behavior once and then allow him to get away with it the next time. He cannot be made to think he can override your authority or he will continue to do it and will develop “selective listening”. In other words, he’ll listen to you or follow a command when he feels like it.

Labradoodle training should be a serious, gentle but fun process. Doodles are beautiful and loving dogs that want your love and companionship. However, it is up to you to make sure that they develop the great breed characteristics they are known and celebrated for.  Remember, you are their leader, not just another member of the pack.

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