King Charles Spaniel Training – The Fundamentals

King Charles Spaniel training should begin the day that you bring this little and loving pooch home, because the sooner you start the better chance you have of preventing bad habits from developing. After all, dogs are not born knowing how to be an ideal companion or understanding human rules. They must be taught what is and is not acceptable behavior from you.

The very first thing your spaniel should be taught is the housebreaking rule. They need to know that when they have to eliminate they do their business outside. Learning can be made easier with a tight routine and using a crate for assistance. Of course, king charles spaniel training does not stop there, there is still plenty for your pooch to learn.

For instance, by the time he is 6 months of age, he should have learned basic commands, including sit, down, come, stay and heel. Understand, if he doesn’t know all of these instructions by the time he is over half a year old, this doesn’t mean he cannot learn them. It will simply be more difficult to teach as he will have already established certain habits you will have to work around to achieve your desired goal.

Your pet also requires discipline as part of king charles spaniel training. You need to tell him “no” when he does something you do not like and deem unacceptable (i.e. stealing food, chewing your belongings, etc.). Do not be afraid to lay down the law. Your pet must know when he is in the wrong or he will automatically think everything he does is alright by you. It is especially important to enforce your rules when he is still a pup because it will be much more confusing and difficult for him to obey your wishes when he is reprimanded as an adult.

Just as it is imperative that you teach your king charles rules, it is also necessary that you control other natural and engrained behaviors that you will not be able to train out of him, such as chewing and barking. Your companion needs to learn to stop barking on your command and must be taught what is and isn’t allowed to go into his mouth.

King charles spaniel training takes time and patience and is a process that will continue throughout his life. Remain positive, trustworthy and consistent with your pal and the reward you will have is a great dog and a super companion.

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