Jack Russell Training – Being Consistent

Successful Jack Russel training means that you need to be prepared to take charge and responsibility for your dog. An inportant part of this are obedience classes. Remember, these high energy dogs can give you plenty of trouble if you don’t provide them with the necessary leadership and consistancy they require.

A large part of jack russell training is teaching your dog his place within your family that he sees as his “pack”. He must see you at the top of his pack or he will do all he can to try and control you. It isn’t always easy to know exactly what you should teach your pet, especially if you have never owned a dog before or this particular breed. However, there are some basic guidelines you can follow to help make the process easier for you to execute and have a more effective outcome.

  • Housebreaking – This is the very first step of training and it should start the first day you bring him home. Your companion should be taught right away what behaviors are permitted and which ones are not. Thus, if you don’t want him to use your house as his own personal toilet, take him outside to do his business. A 2 month old puppy is not too young to start learning.
  • Puppy school – This is beginner jack russell training where you learns basic skills in a relaxed environment with other young dogs and is a warm up for real obedience training. You can learn handling tips from a professional and your pup is given the opportunity to socialize.
  • Obedience class – As soon as your companion reaches 3 – 6 months of age he should be enrolled in obedience. The actual age requirement for theses classes may vary depending on the trainer so make sure you check the regulations for each one. This is when your pooch really receives an education and you learn to be the teacher he needs to succeed.
  • Continue training everyday – You need to engage in lessons everyday, regardless if he is going to school or is finished. Training is a lifelong process that does not end when he passes a class.
  • Do not back down – You must be consistent with jack russell training. This means not changing the method in which you give commands and following through with the same rules, discipline and praise without fail. Dogs will test you and will be quick to pick up on a change in consistency. You need to be a leader they can follow and respect so don’t back down – say what you mean and follow through with what you say.

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