Why it is Important to Break a Puppy’s Biting Habit

When you own a puppy, it doesn’t take long to discover that mouthing and biting are a regular behavior that they seem to pick up from the very start. It is also a behavior that you should expect to have to try to stop as soon as you possibly can. Remember that puppies grow very quickly and along with their size grows the strength of their bite. Therefore, it’s essential to start training your dog not to bite as soon as you can – before it becomes a potential danger.

Puppies start to bite as soon as they begin the growth of their first set of teeth. It is a natural part of their playtime among their littermates and can help to ease the pain associated with the cutting of new teeth. That said, while a little biting among brothers and sisters to stop teeth from hurting is one thing, it is something else when your pet decides to use you or your family as a chew toy. Your dog’s behavior is completely up to you and this includes the biting habit.

Remember that by dealing with the issue while your dog is still a puppy, you will not only make the training process easier, but you will stop the problem before it fully develops. By stopping your dog from biting while it is still small, you get a handle on it before it can do a lot of damage. By waiting until your dog is fully grown, you risk allowing your dog to develop many different behavioral issues that are associated with biting – dominance and aggression top that list. For this reason, you should establish a rule in your house where no biting is tolerated. Even play biting should be avoided as your dog should never feel that it is appropriate to allow its teeth to come in contact with a person.

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