How To Train Maltese Dog – Sit

Knowing how to train maltese dogs is something you can learn on your own and is not a difficult process. It should begin right away and is a matter of patience, persistence and consistency. Aside from housetraining, one of the first commands you can teach your pooch is the Sit command. This instruction is one of the easiest for a dog to learn and it can be taught even when they are young 2 month old puppies.

You can learn how to train maltese dogs to sit using treats for assistance in a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Put a few of your pet’s favorite treats in your pocket and take your little buddy with you to a quiet room where there are very few distractions.

Step 2 – When your maltese’s attention is on you, hold a treat in your fingers and hover your hand just over and above his nose. Slowly move the food up. This motion should cause him to follow the food with his nose until he has to sit if he wants to keep watching the cookie.

Step 3 – Once he is seated, praise him immediately and reward him with the food. Continue to repeat this process, rewarding him each time he sits until he is sitting as soon as he sees your hand move. End the lesson and take a substantial break (Note: a lesson should never be longer than 10 minutes, regardless of the progress he has made.)

Step 4 – When you begin the next session, you will still need to use the treats to assist you.  However, this time you will implement a verbal command. How to train maltese successfully with a word instruction is simply a matter of saying the word at the right time.  In this case you will say “Sit” in a firm tone and instantly lure him into the position using the same hand technique you had before, followed by praise and reward. Continue this process until he is sitting as soon as he hears the instruction then break.

Step 5 – When you begin the third session, your goals is to have your companion sit as soon as you command him to. At this point you will no longer be using treats as a lure. When he sits, always praise him but only give him food rewards randomly so it does not become an expectation.

Step 6 – The final step for how to train maltese the sit command is to expose him to different environments that have various distractions and see how well he listens to you and how much he understands.

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