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In order to know how to train bichon frise dogs, you first need to know a little bit about what the breed is all about.  After all, you can’t expect to train a dog successfully if you know nothing about their personality and natural skills.  Using your dog’s strengths and understanding his weaknesses will only make his learning all the more successful.

This white little fluffy pooch naturally has a very gay temperament, which is evident in the way he moves and in his overall enthusiasm when it comes to greeting people and when playing.  He is s a very social creature, loves company and contact.  He is very devoted and dependent on his owners.  Thus, the first step in how to train a bichon frise is to not use harsh bichon frise training methods.  A gentle approach works best with this canine to keep him, positive, focused, eager to learn and happy to spend time with you.

Bichon’s have an independent mind and they can be stubborn or try to outsmart you if you are not careful.  They are not slow learners, so you need to make sure that you don’t make lessons too long or too simple.  Avoid long 20 minute training sessions and move on to new skills as soon as they have grasped what has been learned.  It is better to move at your dog’s pace than your own or he will become bored or confused and disinterested.  Moreover, these particular canines are known for their love of tricks, and will find learning fun games, such as “roll over “ or “play dead” far more amusing than standard obedience training.

Something else you would be wise to keep in mind is that one part of training that many of these pooches find difficult is housebreaking.  You will need to have patience and be very consistent when it comes to teaching him to eliminate outdoors.  Many owners find that crate training, coupled with positive reinforcement, helps the canine to learn faster.

Discovering how to train bichon frise is something you can enjoy together with your companion.  While many how-to guides and trainers can assist you in the effort, always remember that it is through observing your bichon and understanding the breed that will help you make the best training choices.

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