How To Train A Puggle

If you are learning how to training a Puggle you may be wondering that since a hybrid dog is considered different from a purebred, does this mean that puggle training would be different compared to methods that would be used if you were to train a pug or a beagle? The answer is both yes and no. The reason is every purebred dog has been bred for a specific temperament. Therefore, how one would go about training a beagle to develop favorable characteristics will differ compared to the method an owner might use for a pug. The same is true for a puggle.

Since this hybrid is a cross between two pure canines he shares the characteristics of both breeds. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to investigate the temperamInts of both to determine what type of behavioral issues you should watch for, if they are known to be stubborn and how quickly they tend to pick up on things. Knowing this info will help with puggle training.

While you will discover that the majority of puggles are highly trainable and tend to have even temperaments, a dog’s ability to learn is heavily dependent on their owner. Furthermore, when learning how to train a Puggle there are other elements that may make your dog more difficult to train, regardless of his heritage, such as:

  • Taking a puppy from their mother too early
  • Health problems or other defects that result from inbreeding
  • Not properly socialized
  • Not having enough exercise
  • Not correcting negative behaviors

However, that being said, aside from the above points and knowing a dog’s true temperament, there really isn’t that much of a difference between puggle training and purebreds. Every trainer needs to make sure they are teaching commands consistently, patiently, repetitively and positively. Lessons should be brief and fun.

Therefore, what it all comes down to in the end, is knowing the history of your hybrid, the characteristics of their parents, knowing what rules you want to enforce and what commands you would like to teach. In essence, puggle training is what you make it. Any canine regardless of their breed can be educated; the success they achieve is up to their trainer.

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