Housebreaking A Dog And The Importance Of Routine

Any form of training that you undertake with your dog should be planned out and used in conjunction with his or her daily routine. This is purely and simply because a routine is an effective way to teach him or her without providing an unsettling experience. This is especially important when you are housebreaking a dog because any break of routine could potentially set your dog’s progress back by weeks.

Housebreaking a dog is a delicate process because you have to make sure that your dog goes outside at regular intervals. As such, those intervals cannot be disrupted because your dog will never learn how to hold on if he or she needs the toilet before he or she is due to go out. You must set a routine and stick to it initially because that routine will eventually enable you to lengthen the period between toilet breaks and thus improve your dog’s control in that area.

Establishing a routine when housebreaking a dog should suit you but, more importantly, should also suit your dog. You have to start from day one and get your routines in sync as soon as possible. This enables you to establish rules and give your dog a little stability. After all, this will help you to live in harmony in the coming years!

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