The History of Dog Food

When you think about dog food, the odds are that you think of the packaged kibble or the canned food that you see on the store shelves today. However, that is only a recent development. After all, the position of the dog in the human family is also only a recent development. At one time, dogs were fed table scraps, or in a similar manner to other working or farm animals.

Today, there are not only commercially formulated dog foods that are created specifically for the nutritional needs of the species, but also for the various ages, lifestyles, and medical needs of the individual animals. The dedication of pet owners to their dogs has encouraged the industry to continually improve their recipes and nutritional solutions. Just as you would not feed an adult meal to a baby, there are now appropriate meals for different types of dogs.

Moreover, like there are now a handful of guidelines that can be followed in order to ensure that proper nutrition is achieved. Some of the important points are as follows:

  • Proper portion size – Not all dogs eat the same amount of food. A dog’s age, size, and activity level dictate how much food a dog will need every day. That said, every formula has its own appropriate serving sizes so it is important to read the label carefully.
  • Type of food – The form of the food you buy will also dictate how much you should feed it and how frequently. For example, wet dog food has far more calories than dry dog food, but not as much nutrition per measured amount. Similarly poor quality food requires your dog to eat more in order to achieve the proper nutrition. Learn about the fat and calorie balance and how to compare it to your dog’s nutritional needs.
  • Preparation of the food – Puppies and senior dogs sometimes need a different formula that will be better formulated to their health needs such as for growth, a lower activity level, or easier digestion.

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